Win a camera from our friends at Snapknot

I know all my photographer friends either Nikon or Canon would love to win a new camera for their business.  You can choose between a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D Mark III if you win. Enter the contest by clicking on the camera giveaway link.

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

To my brides and grooms as you might know Snapknot has listing of all the wedding professionals in your area and this is a great place to get started to look for your wedding pros for your special day.

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2013 Boise Engagement Photography on Valentines Day

hValentine’s Day is soon approaching which is the most popular week of the year for couples to get engaged. What better way to celebrate that special day is to have it photographed to capture that special moment as it happens. We can set up the location and we can come up with a plan so we are able to photograph the “pop the question” moment without your special someone knowing what is going on until the time is right. Then we will spend the rest of the time taking some fun engagement photos of the two of you.

So if you are in the Boise area, book your “Marry Me” session with us today by emailing or calling our studio at 208-779-0183. Don’t forget to check out our website and like our facebook page.

Looking for a Boise Area Couple for the Western Idaho Fair Photo Session

The Western Idaho Fair is right around the corner and I came up with an idea for photo shoot for the fair for two people.  There are only three requirements is that you are a couple who is either married, engaged to be married, thinking about getting married, or already married and the most important part is that your want to have some fun.  You must also be able to ride some of the carnival rides.

This session would be perfect for your anniversary, to pop the question, getting engaged, or just a couple being together.

The photo session will take place around dusk, exact time will be determined depending on the day. We will provide fair admission and ride tickets for the session.

The cost of the session will be $275 which will include 30 digital images of your choice from the session, three 3 x 3 custom mini accordion albums, and a special gift for the wall of your home (hint).

Do you want this session free?  Well if you book one of our wedding collections for your upcoming wedding then this session would be part of your collection.  (Wedding retainer required)

For more information go to our website at , send us an email to or just give us a call at 208-779-0183.

Wedding and Senior Photography Session dates still available for 2012

We still have dates available for the best Boise wedding photography into the Treasure Valley.  Don’t trust your special day to anyone else.  We use top of the line equipment, carry back-up equipment, and always provide two professional photographers.  Email us at or call us at 208-779-0183 to check to see if we have your dates available.  Please take a look at our portfolio at  and schedule your free consultation wit us.

Our Boise senior photography sessions are booking up also.  We have plenty of spots in the summer if you are interested in getting them done early but are fall sessions are about half full at the moment.  October and November are really busy for us and we book first come fist serve.   Our senior photography starts at $250 and we have a dedicated website just for our senior photography at

The American Idol Effect in Photography {Boise Wedding & Portrait Photographer}

 I really enjoy all the photos my friends post on Facebook documenting their life, families and travels. These photos make me smile and brighten my day. This article is not about you. This is an article about people who start a photography business without proper equipment and experience.

We have all watched American Idol during audition week and have seen some horrible auditions. A lot of those people have delusions of grandeur. They think can sing because everyone they know has told them how wonderful they are.   Then the judges come on and tell them how horrible they are and they are completely shocked.   Some of them have been singing for years and no one has ever told them how bad they really are.

 How does this associate with photographers?  It all starts with a person who buys a DSLR camera to capture the lives of their families.  Then they start taking photos of their kids and posting them online and showing them to other people.   None of their friends or family will ever tell them that their pictures are horrible.  Then you get their friends who start telling them how wonderful there photos are and ask them to take pictures of their friends kids.  Once again, everyone will tell them they are an amazing photographer. Then, a new professional photography business is born.

Tonight as I am writing this I came across a person who has a close personal friend who is a fauxtographer. They took some picture of her and posted them on Facebook.  The pictures were horribly over exposed. The subject had this red tint all over their face and the composition was bad. Another picture their face had rainbow colors all over it. I cannot even tell you how this was done.  However, because that person is a friend of theirs they said “You are a great photographer!” Now this person has a business page and is soliciting their photography services.  So there you go, this proves my point.  Photography is all about art and how we see art. But, when you just throw your camera in green mode, or P and start snapping away it does not make you a professional photographer. 

Another type of person who suffers from the American Idol effect is the family member who buys a camera and within a few weeks makes a Facebook page and puts photography after their name because everyone in their family told them how good they are.  Because their pictures are already amazing they have no motivation to learn techniques to improve their craft. They don’t upgrade their equipment or even have the proper equipment to take good photos.   I have a perfect example.  A couple hired a wedding planner, event planning service, etc.  They spent a lot of money on some of these high end vendors.  Unfortunately, they chose the groom’s brother to take the photos.  He just added photography to his name and is now a pro photographer.  This is where it becomes dangerous and reckless.  A wedding is one of the most important milestones in a couple’s life. There are moments that can never be recreated.  The pictures that were posted were dark, underexposed, and the most awkward angles I have ever seen.   The entire wedding was shot with a stock lens, no flash and in auto.  Of course everyone has complimented him on his photos. There were some really fun candid photos.  Photos that are great for Facebook and to share among friends. But, these were not the caliber of photos that you print on canvas and hang on your wall to preserve your memories for years to come. Nor were they the kind of photos that build your portfolio so as to preserve others wedding memories who are paying you for your professional services.  I have had numerous people approach me at sessions and get their wedding horror stories about how they should have never hired a friend or relative who claimed they were a photographer.  They always look back at their pictures with regret.  But, they also will never tell that person how they feel because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

I urge Brides of the Treasure Valley and all brides to really screen your photographer. Look at their portfolio. Look at magazines and high end photographers from New York and Los Angeles.  Even if you don’t choose a higher end photographer it would help to compare their photos.   I was recently interviewed for a published book, Wedding Photography – The Questions You Need To Ask: As Seen Through The Lens Of Industry Professionals.  It can soon be found in bookstores and you can also purchase it through Amazon. There is so much important information in this book.

Here is the link

There are a lot of people that say the camera doesn’t make the photographer but in the case of weddings both is needed. You need the proper professional equipment including backup equipment.  You also need a working knowledge of your equipment and of photography in general.  Although natural light is an amazing tool it is not a substitute for an external flash. There generally is not any natural light at night.  Shooting a wedding with substandard equipment is never an option It really bothers me to see people advertise wedding photography when they aren’t even capable of doing portraits.  I feel bad for all those brides getting substandard photos from someone who suffers from the American Idol effect. 

If there is one thing to take from this article is never let a family member or friend photograph your wedding unless they have photographed many wedding in the past for people they don’t know and have good references from people that are not friends of theirs.  Plenty of brides make this mistake every year. So, please don’t become a statistic.  Photography is one of those businesses that you get what you pay for.

I would love to talk with any brides that have any questions.  Give us a call at 208-779-0183 and check out our new website at

My Interview was published in the book Wedding Photography – The Questions You Need To Ask: As Seen Through The Lens Of Industry Professionals

Well I am so happy that an interview that I did was published in a book for brides to know what type of questions to ask your wedding photographer.  One of the most important services brides will hire is the wedding photographer.  You are entrusting your special day with all your memories that you will cherish for ever to one person or in our case two people.  The book is a great read and very informative.  I plan on ordering some studio copies to have with when I do consultations. 

The books name is Wedding Photography – The Questions You Need To Ask: As Seen Through The Lens Of Industry Professionals and can soon be found in bookstores and you can also purchase it through amazon.

Here is the link

Brides I still have some open dates in August, September, and October of 2012 if you need a Boise Wedding Photographer or even a Destination Wedding Phototgrapher.  All of our collections come with 2 photographers and our collections start at $1400.  Be sure to check out our new dedicated wedding website at or call us and schedule an consultation at 208-779-0183.

Crane Studio Imaging Wedding Photography of Boise Idaho has a new website and blog

So it has been many months in the working and we have finally completed our new website at The new website is mobile and IOS compatible so everyone will be able to view it.  We also have a new blog setup at which I will be posting my recent photo shoots.  We also set up a new senior only website at  This blog will be eventually changed to a blog about photography where I will post tips, rants, raves, and advice to brides.

Whether you are in need of a Boise Wedding Photographer or a Boise Senior Photographer or just want to get some family photos done we are here for you.  Give us a call at 208-779-0183 and don’t forget to check out our new websites.

Brides looking for a photographer make sure they have backup gear {Boise Wedding Photographer}

Brides when interviewing wedding photographers it is so important to ask the question if they carry backup gear with them.  I have heard horror stories of wedding photographers who have had their cameras broke during a wedding or lens break that they basically just packed up their camera and told the Bride and Groom “Sorry I had a problem and I can’t take any more photos”.  There isn’t too much you can do at this point during your wedding and not too much you can do after except get your money back from the photographer of what you paid.  In 99% of the contracts brides sign  there is a clause that says that the photographer is only responsible up to the cost of the package and they aren’t responsible if something happens to their gear and has to stop shooting.  My contract has the same clause in it also but I have never had to use it.   It is basically put into most contracts to protect the photographer from issues like if all his gear is stolen from a hotel room, stolen out of the car, or act of god like a tsunami destroys the venue.

Here was my situations just recently that I want to share with all brides.  I was shooting a wedding and my second shooter had a lens stop working during the wedding.  He was able to go to his bag and pull out a replacement lens and continue shooting the ceremony.  Myself and my second shooter always carry backup gear to a wedding in case anything ever comes up and I have gear stored at the studio in case of theft of the gear I carry.  I consider this very important and it should be a questions asked and if they don’t you need to move on and try another photographer.  There is nothing like the hurt of not having any photos from your wedding day because of a technical problem.

There are so many budget wedding photographers who only have one camera body, one flash, and couple of lenses.  One other thing I did forget to mention during the interview process is to ask if they have lenses with the ability to shoot in low light such a churches, if you have an inside / outside venue.   I have seen some horrible church photos of photographers who try to use slow lenses inside a church to capture action.  Most churches do not allow flashes during the ceremony so photographers have to depend on fast lenses to be able to capture actions like the kiss.  No one wants a blurry kiss photo.  Also don’t get taken in by a person claiming to be a natural light photographer, 90% who advertise this “type of work ” is because 1) They don’t own a external flash. 2) Don’t know how to use external light. 3) Doesn’t have a studio to do inside work.  It seems everyone on craigslist is a natural light photographer.  Don’t get me wrong I love natural light and I love working with it when I can but sometimes waiting for it to be the perfect time for it at a wedding isn’t usually the case and proper external light setup is mandatory. 

We still have some dates available for wedding in the Treasure Valley this year and we are also available for destinations weddings.  If you would like to schedule a bridal consultation or look at some of my work.  Visit us on our new website at and leave us your contact information.  You can also call us at 208-779-0183 to check to see if your date is available on our calendar.  Be assured that Crane Studio Imaging has your wedding covered 110% and you have nothing to worry about.  You will have phenomenal photos of  your special day.

Let Haylee Winters of Timberline High School Walk with her Graduating Class 2012

This isn’t one of my normal photography posts but being a senior photographer in Boise and a Mom of an ex-Timberline student who had similar issues with the counselors there I needed to post this.

Haylee Winters is a senior at Timberline High School in Boise and the Boise School District is denying her to walk with her class because she was absent and had to be hospitalized at times for her chemotherapy treatments.  She is just 4 elective credits short that she is going to make up this summer and still they won’t let her walk.  Why can’t the school district just give her an empty diploma?  Seems like a no brainer, she is not getting it free and clear she still has to work this summer to get it.  I think the dedication that Haylee has given and the strength she is showing by wanting to complete high school even with having cancer shows a lot of drive.  I think everyone needs to contact the Boise School District and let them know how the people of Boise feel.  All Haylee wants to do is to march with her peers that she has developed a relationship with over the past 4 year and complete this point in her life.  This is so very important in my opinion, when I am photographing seniors, I see how their friends and their graduation is so important to them.  This is what they worked so hard for all their lives and they are finally ready to move on to adulthood.

I suggest a LET HAYLEE WINTERS walk campaign.  The power of social media is very strong and has the power to make change. Please pass this around and contact the Boise School District and let them know how you feel.  As soon as I get some contact information I will post it here on the blog.  The power of social media can make a difference.  GO HAYLEE!!!


Apparently the school board has changed their mind.  Here is the letter.

School officials work closely with each student in the District to see that they are given every opportunity to graduate on time with their class. In this case, Timberline staff and administration developed a modified plan (in February) tailored to the student’s medical condition and needs. We sincerely hope that Haylee will complete the credits necessary to receive her diploma, whether prior to the graduation ceremony or thereafter.

That aside, I have determined that this is a unique situation, and therefore, in consultation with the Timberline administration, we have decided to provide the opportunity for Haylee Winters to participate in graduation ceremonies on Wednesday, May 30.”

Janet Orndorff

Mothers Day Photos in Boise 2012

I have been getting lots of calls about doing family photo shoots on Mother’s Day May 13th 2012.  Unfortunately I am unavailable due to a Mother’s Day Fmaily Portrait Walk Event at the Coolwater Creek Event Center on that date.  We do have other weekends available this month but please get them in before June because I am booked almost every weekend with weddings. 

For more information on the Coolwater Creek Event, click here to go to our other article about the event.